Started in 2002, BiCities is the world's longest running show on bisexuality. Join hosts Dr. Margaret Charmoli and Dr. Anita Kozan for weekly interviews with leading experts and influential members of the bisexual community.

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Recent Episodes

#274 Ejay Jack and Dr. Nicholas Kim: U of M Health Comprehensive Gender Care

Care coordinator Ejay Jack and plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Kim discuss the myriad of health services they provide to non-cisgender patients at the University of Minnesota Health Comprehensive Gender Care initiative.

#273 Ellie Krug: Human Inspiration Works, LLC

Local trans activist Ellie Krug discusses her company, Human Inspiration Works, LLC, where she offers trainings, coaching, and motivational speaking. She also talks about her book, Getting to Ellen, and her local radio show, Ellie 2.0.

#272 Sally Corbett: Bisexual Organizing Project

Sally Corbett, director of BiCities!, discusses their experience volunteering on the program as well as their work with the Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP).

#271 Rhys Preston and Ali Sands

Ali Sands, author of "I Know Who You Are, But What Am I? A Partner's Perspective on Transgender Love", and her partner Rhys Preston talk about life and love during transitioning.

#270 Dr. Cesar Gonzales and Dr. Oscar Manrique

Dr. Cesar Gonzales (Clinical Director) and Dr. Oscar Manrique (Surgical Co-Director) discuss their work at the Mayo Clinic's Transgender and Intersex Speciality Care Clinic.

#269 Emma McBride: Outfront Minnesota

Emma McBride, a legislative lobbyist with Outfront Minnesota, discusses the upcoming bill in the Minnesota legislature to ban conversion therapies.

#268 Leah Yoemans and Shawna NcNamara: Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP)

Leah Yoeman (Board Chair) and Shawna McNamara (Director) of the Bisexual Organizing Project discuss BOP, Bi Essentials, and the upcoming Bi-Lesque Minneapolis show: "Unicorns Unite!"


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